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This article appeared in The Tombstone News, Tombstone, AZ as written by By Meredith Littlejohn on January 12th, 2007.

"The Tombstone Vigilantes are a non-profit organization; they were founded in 1946, and incorporated in 1954, since their inception they have been dedicated to keeping the historical town of Tombstone alive through reenacting events of the era. Every member is a volunteer who selflessly gives of their time to not only keep Tombstone's history alive but to raise funds for worthy causes.

On the second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the month known as Vigilante Sunday you can find the group on Allen Street entertaining tourists and locals with their reenactments of historical events and mock hangings. The mock hangings are especially fun for the tourists. An unsuspecting victim is tried, convicted and then hung by one of the Vigilante members within seconds of them meeting and, for a donation the victim can get a picture taken while in the noose surrounded by their captors.

Not only do the Vigilantes perform on Vigilante Sunday they also work with the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce on Ed Schieffelin Days, the Sabar Shrine Temple of Tucson for the Onion Festival, The Tombstone Lions Club on Wyatt Earp Days and Helldorado, Inc for the world famous Helldorado Days, as well as hosting their own special event, Vigilante Days. As well as entertaining Tombstone on Sundays and during special event weekends, the group travels throughout southeast Arizona to perform their special mock hangings for various organizations and private citizens, the group has even traveled as far away as Tucson and Scottsdale. All donations raised during Vigilante Sunday, during private events and through private donations are then generously given to worthy causes throughout Tombstone.

In 2005 the Tombstone Vigilantes donated a total of $16,186.65 to various charities and organizations including, The Tombstone Marshal's Office, The Tombstone Fire Department, The Schieffelin Hall International Players ,(S.H.I.P)., the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, The Summer Recreation program, The Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, The Seniors Meals on Wheels program, the Tombstone Food Bank, the Renaissance Program, Friends of the Library, Friends of the Courthouse, Tombstone Restoration Commission, Tombstone High School, Walter J Meyer Middle School, Salvation Army for Katrina Relief, THS Booster Club, Ringo's Golf Tournament, Adopt a Family for Christmas, to the City of Tombstone for Schieffelin Hall restoration, Arizona Western Heritage Foundation, and Naco Explorer Post #869, etc.

As in years past, 2006 was a very busy days for the Tombstone Vigilantes. The group participated in the Tucson Rodeo parade much to the delight of the 1000's in attendance, the Vigilantes also worked with the Tombstone Lions Club and Helldorado, Inc. to co-sponsor the Halloween Howl Haunted House. Once again, they also hosted the Tombstone Easter Egg Hunt, boiling, coloring and rolling over 2000 eggs along with passing out over 100 toys and dolls to the children in attendance which means every boy and girl took home a gift and during the holiday season they bought approximately 75 toys for the Toys for Tombstone drive. They also helped support the Senior Meals on Wheels, Tombstone Small Animal Shelter and the Food Bank of Tombstone through perpetual donations, and in 2007, the Tombstone Vigilantes are proud to be adding the Senior Citizens Center to that list.

As well as local donations the Tombstone Vigilantes also remembered the troops overseas and this past year the members sent 150 pounds of toiletries and personal items to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the past 66 years the Tombstone Vigilantes have been an intricate part of keeping Tombstone's heritage alive as well as giving back to the community they love so much. We look forward to seeing all the good the Tombstone Vigilantes do during 2007.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Tombstone Vigilantes please send to: Tombstone Vigilantes P.O. Box 144 Tombstone, AZ 85638"  


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